Layer Media is a Multimedia group formed in March 2012. Our short documentary ‘Check’ has been selected for screening at the Eat My Shorts Film Festival 2012. We are currently developing an app for our major pilot project.

The App:

Layer Media is developing an app for iOS using two specific technologies, Data Visualisation and Augmented Reality. It is inspired by Network theory and the idea of technological development as organic. Network patterns are everywhere, both in nature, like in the arteries of a leaf, and in technology, like in transportation systems. While we often see patterns in nature and recognize them immediately, patterns in technology are not so easily seen with the naked eye. Data visualization has allowed us to see these patterns clearly, providing not just beautiful images but also a better understanding of the world we live in.
That said, the amount of data whizzing past us today is overwhelming. Information has moved from fixed to flux because online information is now largely user generated and can never claim to have one solid author. The term ‘prosumer’ has been used over the last few decades but never before has it had so many multiple meanings.
We want to create a mobile app that allows the user, through their mobile device to gain insight and information about the data in their environment in a creative way. We want to draw connections between nature and technology by examining the similarities between their network patterns when visualized.
Concretely, we’ve envisioned an augmented reality app that will connect patterns in technology with patterns in nature. Example: At a designated location, if you launch the app and hold your phone up to the sky in landscape position, a video will play featuring the sky in front of you but with the addition of a vivid sunset, augmenting your reality in both environment and time. An overlay of a connecting pattern of user generated twitter data will be displayed with an animation that suggests bird flight in the edit. This will provide an experience that examines the visual and conceptual links between nature and technology by comparing their forms. We want to illustrate nature and technology’s cohesive relationship”

Why make this App?

We believe our efforts to contextualize the plethora of data available through Data Visualisation will be of interest to app users.
It will allow users to engage with data that has been ‘mined’ from data sets that address relevant technological statistics and in doing so address the issue of there being a lack of engaging ways to look at real data.
The product will provide users with clear, concise data and information in order to give them insight into their environment, therefore having a function and  an ‘edutainment’ value. It will allow a casual way of learning in an immersive environment.


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