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Nobody ever suspects the butterfly

Nobody ever suspects the butterfly

Shooting has begun and we were very lucky to shoot in Straffan butterfly farm, well worth a look..go now!!


Wealth and Health of Nations

We recommend that you have a look at this, dating back from 1800 very interesting!

App Progression

App Progression

Just our way of saying hello! Progression on the App is going just swell!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Just because we like you so much here is a sneak peak of our website, it will be available in the upcoming days

For all things to do with Augmented Reality! enjoy!

Augmented Reality Ad


Upon research for our project we came across this interesting documentary which focuses on the conscience pattern between Nature and Technology. Our project will be focusing on a different aspect of this but we would recommend people to watch this. Truly interesting.


Press Time for Layer Media yay!

Logo’s updated

Time to unveil our updated logos. They are quite similar to the previous two but this time they are more defined.

Good thing we are planning on focusing on Twitter for the project! (spoiler alert)

Direct Marketing Observations

According to Pew Internet Research which has been tracking Twitter use, there is a general upward trend in adopting Twitter for daily use.  The bottom line? Don’t look now but Twitter might be the Facebook killer for the 18-24 demographic.  With over 500 million registered users and 140 million daily users, it doesn’t seem like Twitter will be slowing down anytime soon.

Then we have the following:




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