Monthly Archives: June 2012


We have been working on our logo and it has been finalised to the following two. If you have a preference feel free to say.



This morning we began our recording by capturing sunrise at Bull Island, we were lucky to have such a lovely morning, definitely made the early start easier.

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An impromptu form of visualisation from the godfather of DV Hans Rosling

Visualising with processing

Exciting times, we are making progress people as we are starting to visualise with processing. Watch this space…

Augmented Reality

The video below is a light hearted approach which shows us the development of AR throughout the years. Worth a watch.

We just received this book to help us in the upcoming weeks, it’s been recommended as a great aid for anybody working with visualising data. Now time for us to knuckle down.

Light House Cinema

Yay we are delighted our short ‘Check’ has been entered into the Light House Shorts Film Festival on Monday the 25th of June.

Light House Cinema is located at Market Square, Smithfield, Dublin 7. All are welcome.

Progression in our Data Visualisation

Our team have been working hard over the last few days gain a better understanding of how to visualise Data. The next two images will show you how we are progressing, hope you enjoy and most importantly understand the information given.