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A New Tool for Infographics – Venngage

A New Tool for Infographics – Venngage.


Dublinked Webcast

Dublinked Webcast

For anyone who missed this Data Visualisation event we are speaking of, fear not here is the webcast from it. The quality is not great at the beginning but it gets much better and it’s very interesting we promise.



Meabh getting to grips with visualisation.

PIVOT Dublin

PIVOT Dublin

It was brought to our attention that there was an event created for Data Visualisation which included talks from numerous speakers and was followed by workshops where participants created some form of visualisation. Enette and Maebh attended and found it extremely beneficial and will be a great source of information for us in the up coming weeks. The following posts will include photos from the girls day at the event.

Meet Layer Media

Meet Layer Media

From left to right; Enette Ngoei, Fiona Coleman, Ruth Keane, Aideen Murphy, Meabh Redmond
Enjoying and working in the sunshine, Vitamin D is good for the brain you know!


Hello we are Layer Media and welcome to our blog. We are a multimedia formed group which have previously produced projects such as the short documentary ‘Check’ and the music video ‘Kimota!’ for the Waterford based artist Casanova Wave. In the following months we will be developing an app for iOS using Data Visualization and Augmented Reality.

We hope to showcase to you our progression in our project in the upcoming weeks whilst also showing you articles and videos which interest us also.

This blog will activated regularly so stay tuned and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you and watch this space.